Stress And Acid Reflux

Most people believe that stress is one of the major reasons behind the acid reflux, even if not proven scientifically.

When stressed, the digestive system may stop functioning properly. Food, which would have digested properly in other situations, may become a cause for acid reflux condition in this situation. Then low level of blood and energy will be passed on to the stomach and this reduces the digestive process. This may result in the food to remain undigested and to remain for a long time in the stomach, thus causing an increase in stomach acids, which may go to the esophagus and result an acid reflux.

Drinking of alcohol and smoking will trigger the signs of acid reflux. These comfort foods build large amount of acids in the stomach and it will cause relaxing of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). Physical reason for the acid reflux is the relaxing of the LES. When these round muscles gets relaxed, too much fluids, which contain the stomach acids splash up from stomach to the tender esophagus result in a hurtful feeling of heartburn.

Stress increase the blood circulation to the heart, and the body tends to supply its most of the energy to the other parts of the body. When the stomach acidity increases it will swallow the oxygen and enzymes, which is essential for the digestion of food.

Half of the patients of heartburn are suffering from stress. We need to get rid of the unhappy situations in the office and home. By solving the conflicts in family and with friends, you can reduce the stress levels. It will help to return the joy of life.

If you are affected by acid reflux then stress will affect harmfully on your acid reflux. If you are affected by occasional spurts of acid reflux due to stress you can refer to these points given below.

. When too much workload is there, it is going to increase your stress. So plan to do things in order, one job at time and say no to additional jobs even if you are under pressure to do the additional work. Thus we can make ourselves easy in our life and reduce the stress in our life, take it as the vision of life.

. Loose of concentration of mind will cause stress. So don't try to concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on one thing which is less demanding and this will reduce the level of stress on you. A positive approach to the life will encourage you and your works. Meditation, Tai chi, yoga, chi gong and self-hypnotism are some of the great steps to gain relief from stress.

. Everyone thinks about exercise only as a method for physical fitness, but it also plays a vital role in keeping your mental health also. Exercise will reduce the stress even when you are facing a big challenging problem like winning a tennis match. When exercising the endorphins produced in the brain make a good feeling, which can reduce your stress at once. Make exercise a fun event even when you are playing ball with your mates or jogging with your dog.

. We are out of control at least at some critical times. As the plane's arrival and departures becomes late, you will understand that some things in your life are out of control. Weather on the planned picnic can be worse than expected or your mother-in-law can show up at the worst possible time. We need to find some good things even in a bad situation. This will help you to reduce your stress even in a bad situation.

. Your attitude to the situation is important in reducing the stress level. Always keep positive approach instead of negative ones. Concentrate only the good thing of any situation and store it in your mind. Try to think about present condition instead of looking to the past. Only concentrate on the positive thought that will balance your thought and reduce from the stress. For the future, think about the good things in it.

. Laughing is a great medicine for reducing the stress. Laughing can reduce the stress level. When you are under pressure, try to watch a comedy movie, go to a comedy club or to watch the Hunter Blue perform at the Mimi's in New York City. Try to keep a good sense of humor or keep contact with persons who can make you laugh even in tough conditions.

. Pet animals will help a lot to reduce our stress. If you like a dog, cat etc they can blow your stress away. If you are not ready to take responsibility of a pet for lifetime then try to take a pet as temporary when someone is going on a tour. If you are a pet lover then the pets have a magical power to reduce the stress.

. If you are ready to share your problems with your trusted friends or relatives, it will give you a lot of relief from stress. Their sympathy and advices can create a calming effect, which can eliminate stress. If you are carrying your problems alone then you cannot escape from stress.

. A massage or acupuncture can also give great relief from stress and it will relax your mind. If the situation is not right for a massage you can try a long hot bath, whirlpool or a steam shower, it will also give the same results.

Acid reflux may occur because of several reasons. But stress is one of the main reasons behind it. By minimizing the stress in your life you can reduce the acid reflux in to a certain level. So stress is also a killer, which will cause other diseases. So one of the best ways to reduce the acid reflux condition is by staying relaxed always.

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