Is Acupressure treatment successful for Acid reflux?


Acupressure is like acupuncture but without using needles. By this methods pressure is applied to acupoints, which are mentioned in ancient Chinese Medicine. This can treat specific organs or areas of the body very effectively. With this method the energy of the meridian system called Yin, yang and Qi is bought into alignment by which the body will heal itself.

The traditional Chinese treatment of acupuncture has been using from two thousand years for the treatment of digestive disorders. Recent studies have proved that acupuncture, acupressure and electrical acupoint stimulation when applied to Pericardium 6 (P6) will reduce the relaxation of lower esophageal spinster (LES). The major reason for the acid reflux is the relaxation of the LES. In one of the study done by applying electrical acupoint stimulation have shown a 40 % reduction of the LES relaxation in most of the cases studied. This is an astonishing claim and can be one of the crucial discoveries ever made in the treatment of acid reflux.

What is P6? P6 is also known as Neiguan. It is an acupoint situated on the underside of the wrist between two tendons. If you hold out your hand and bend it towards you, P6 is a point at the middle of wrist nearly two-finger width from the meeting point of the hand and arm.

What is meant by LES? The lower esophageal spinster is a muscular valve situated in between the esophagus and stomach. This valve will open allowing the food to reach the stomach at the time we eat. Other times it is supposed to be closed tightly to avoid gastric fluids reaching back into esophagus. But when it become relaxed, you feel acid reflux. There are a number of reasons that can cause the LES to relax such as acidic foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, stress and many many others.

Applying acupressure to the P6 has been done for years to cure nausea and vomiting. Recently it has been used for the treatment of traveler's motion, seasickness, and morning sickness in pregnant ladies and in case of postoperative nausea. For this purpose Acupressure wrist bands called "sea bands" are used now a day. This wristband fits tightly on the wrist and a small plastic button on it applies pressure to the P6. Now people consider that these wristbands can reduce acid reflux too.

You can also treat yourself with out having a wristband but by using fingers. Keep in mind that when applying the pressure to P6 the feeling should be a little numbness and not a sharp pain. The acupoints are normally found besides and in between bones, ligaments and tendons. They can never be on bones, blood vessels or arteries, but can be in between or beside them.

Another interesting thing is that P6 is also used for the treatment of insomnia, chest pain, epilepsy, fever, migraines, nausea, vomiting and acid reflux. Stimulating this point can be good for the whole body.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, they support the theory that acupoints are the connection points of internal path of energy transmission and stimulating these points will help to accelerate the flow of energy. The allopathic medicine is just trying to know these principles. They claim the success of acupuncture to the nerve signals and chemicals released by the central nerve system but don't have any idea about its working. Let us hope that the modern medical science will soon understand about the ancient healing techniques.

You believe or not, acupuncture does work. This method of treatment is soothing and painless. The needles used are so thin you don't feel it at all. Acupressure is just the same theme but we can treat ourselves with out any needles or any expensive acupuncture sessions. You have to refer to the acupressure chart and can work yourself. It is really interesting to treat others too. Pets can be also treated by this method. I have tried this on my thirteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Pot, on every morning for his allergy symptoms. He is very grateful for my efforts!!

I have advised one of my friends who developed an acute GERD to try a pair of P6 wristbands that I bought online. We have observed that this actually could reduce the acid reflux, when it is placed on the wrist so that the pressure from the wristband button is just on the P6. We have done some experimentation to locate it on P6 and could succeed in an hour or so. One company on Internet claims that only one wristband is required to wear on the wrist whereas another company claims that it only works with two. It is worth in trying this even if you have only 40 % chance of success. You have nothing to loose in trying.

You can get a wristband from online shops as well as from any health food store at reasonable prices.

You can also think of a massage from someone specialized in acupressure to massage on the P6. I also think that consulting a refluxologist is beneficial. But always keep an open mind about healing in general and exercise your right to treat yourself. In case of acid reflux attack, there are a number of natural ways to at least keep it under control even if it cannot be completely cured.

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