Best Diet for Acid Reflux: It’s All About Planning

Posted by 31 Mar, 2011

Nothing can be more discouraging to acid reflux and heartburn sufferers than knowing that they can’t live as blithe as they used to. In fact, if you are one of the 15 million Americans who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn, you know that there are boundaries you now have and need to create so you can live your days free from heartburn symptoms.

And one of the most important journeys you have to walk and take is discovering the best diet for acid reflux. And this doesn’t end with knowing what food to eat; the best diet for acid reflux also considers the size and timing of your meals. This is why the American College of Gastroenterology underscores the fact that meal planning is one important step towards better managing acid reflux and heartburn.

Drink water after every meal. Though it may be really tempting to indulge in your cup of java after a wonderful meal, a tumbler full of water is your only option to get out of your usual after-meal-heartburn. Drinking a small glass of water can help dilute and, yes, even wash down any stomach acid that can be just working its way towards your esophagus.

Plan NOT to include heartburn-causing beverages. Just as you planned to commit your lunch to heartburn-friendly dishes, you may want to make sure that you only consume heartburn-friendly beverages throughout the day. Your options should only include, again, water, decaffeinated varieties of tea, mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages, noncitrus juices, and low-fat, or, better yet, nonfat milk.

Choose high fiber dishes. A recent study on the effect of one’s diet to heartburn symptoms reported that those who prefer high fiber dishes were 20 percent less likely to have acid reflux symptoms. So whether you are out dining with your friends or doing some shopping, stick to what will be best for you and your body. And the best diet for acid reflux includes a healthy portion of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds every day.

Chew gum. For fresh breath, even after indulging in your fave Indian resto, make sure that you choose gum over breath mints. The nonpeppermint flavor gum encourages a healthy production of saliva, which functions as a great acid neutralizer and an agent that encourages stomach content to move into the small intestine quickly.

Stay away from LES-weakening foods like peppermint, chocolate, caffeine, and fatty foods. Aside from these items, you may also want to avoid foods that damage the esophageal lining like citrus juice, tomato juice, black pepper, and chili peppers.

Watch your portions. Again, the best diet for acid reflux includes carefully-prepared meals served in healthy portions. One of the very first things that acid reflux sufferers need to watch is essentially how much they are eating, per meal and per plate. Living a life with acid reflux shouldn’t be all about avoiding things that can be bad for you, but by living each day, each meal in moderation. When it comes to the best diet for acid reflux, a good rule of thumb is to eat less but eat more. Plan your day so you can accommodate four to five small meals instead of having three large ones every day.

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It is good to also limit the amount of scratchy foods like crackers, toast and nuts. Scratchy foods can irritate a damaged esophagus as they go down to your stomach. Extended chewing of these foods can lessen the irritation.

Posted by Blaine Jackson at April 25, 2011

Amazing blog. People will get great help from your efforts. Being in the healthcare field it is hard for me not to interject my clinical experiences. I find that there is an intimate relation between the nerves and the organs responsible for heartburn symptoms. It’s often thought of as an outside to in problem. Meaning people think that ant-acids will calm down / reduce the acidity and therefore their heartburn. I have gotten great success with spinal adjustments and allowing the body to regulate itself back to a proper homeostatic environment. The body regulates itself from the inside out. Patients love it when they do not have to take all the chalky pills and liquids before / after each meal. I would encourage anyone with heartburn to seek out a chiropractor in their local area.

Posted by Buffalo Chiropractor at May 23, 2011

That is an amazing piece of information which can help for those looking at alternative forms of treatment for their heartburn problems.

Posted by cobs at May 29, 2011

This is all completely bunk. Top experts in the field have studies EVERY study out there and concluded for the most part that diet doesn’t cure people’s reflux. There may be a few triggers but giving up everything doesn’t work. I can drink wine and tomato sauce and have zero problems but something like almonds(which are supposed to be great for helping reflux) hurt me. I think the diet concerns stress people more and make symptoms worse. The meds only suppress symptoms. My advice would be to look at when it all started and just think what things changed or might have started it. It could be as simple as your peppermint toothpaste that is washing back into your throat. Most people who do a full on change get minimal help.

Posted by Chris Miller at July 1, 2011

Water is the best thing to sip on while eating and after eating a meal! It is also vital that acid reflux sufferers chew their food properly and finish up their eating two hours before bedtime! These tips from this site are excellent. Follow them diligently.

Posted by lorraine govender at July 12, 2011

Its an amazing blog for one who has the heart burn problem, included me also.that is knowledgeable article.

Posted by Brij Mohan Singh at July 17, 2011

As i said in one of the posts, the symptoms and cure can vary from person to person, what suits for one persons might not go well with another, this is when it comes to natural remedies, though meds and pharma companies may not like you to believe so as they need to sell their products, so they will say nothing will work that is natural or by leaving a certain food item, because they want you to eat and then pop their medicines too. You say that “every study” out there has proved this, but tell me how many of those studies have been conducted independently without funding from some big pharma companies.

Posted by cobs at October 3, 2011
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