Beaded Magnetic Ring Around Esophagus Can Possibly Prevent Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Posted by 5 Mar, 2009

There is new hope for people who have been suffering from severe Acid Reflux for many years of their life.

And this new method called the LINX Reflux Management System does not require you to get prescription and buy any medicines. The method currently being studied and tested at UC San Diego Medical Center involves a magnetic bead ring around the patient’s lower esophageal sphincter. This ring is similar to the bead rings worn by people on their hand and neck as bracelets. This ring is able to let food and air pass through the esophagus. But at the same time it will prevent the stomach acids from going up the esophagus and cause heartburn.

This ring can be set in place through laparoscopic surgery, which causes only minimal discomfort and the surgery will be over in less than half an hour. The magnetic ring is custom fitted for the patient as per the size of his esophagus. When reflux occurs, the beads are designed so as to hold together and prevent the esophagus sphincter from opening.

If the trial works out as expected, this would be a major break through in handling severe acid reflux problem. This magnetic ring would fix the problematic esophagus functioning in people who are suffering from this painful medical condition.

The existing medical treatment methods for acid reflux were all limited to reducing the acid production in the stomach through medication. None of these medications were able to reduce the acid from going up the esophagus. This bead ring is the first of a kind invention, which can rectify this physical problem associated with the patient’s esophagus. If this problem is taken care of then there is no chance of acid reflux occurring at all. Period!!

In case any complications arise, this bead ring can be removed and all those problems should go away. As it is a totally reversible procedure, it should be a real boon for people who have been suffering from this condition.

Torax Medical Inc. is the manufactures of the Linx system and is sponsoring the current testing going on for 100 patients. Only those people who have been suffering from acid reflux problems for a very long time and those who take medications for the condition routinely are allowed to participate in this testing program.

Still, there may be some questions to be asked about the safety of using these magnets inside the body. These magnets can affect the working of pacemakers or similar instruments. There may be a problem with MRI as well. How can they get MRI done with a magnetic bead in their system? Hopefully, the studies will come out successfully with answers for each of these possible problems.

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I am a Physician Assistant. I worked with Albany Surgical who will be participating in this trial for about 12 years. I still have patients that ask me questions periodically about General Surgery. I was recently asked about the linx procedure. I told her that I would research it and let her know. I am working in spine surgery now, so I don’t have much dealing with the reflux surgery, but I am intrigued about your product. Please send me any information that would benefit future patients for use of your product. Thank you, Sheri Smith, PA-C

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How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

Posted by GarykPatton at June 16, 2009

The clinical trails are currently underway and to put it plain, it has been successful till date, however we are planning to put it on trails for another few more years will the pharma major funding this research is confident and after discussions in major medical forums. Will send you more details in due course.

Posted by cobs at June 29, 2009

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Hi! I like your article and I would like very much to read some more information on this issue. Will you post some more?

Posted by KonstantinMiller at July 6, 2009

I am currently approved and awaiting surgery for my LINX system implant. Having been a sufferer for over 10 years you can understand my excitement about the “end” of acid reflux!!I would love to talk to someone who had this procedure done to discuss their experience.

Posted by shooz at August 14, 2009

hi shoooz pls help me out…..did you do the surgery:( i am suffering from the reflux….it’s so painful…do u recommend the surgery to me? does the magnet MOVE away from it’s fixed place and cause pain upon swallowing?? or is it completely safe? ill give you my email if you could tell me the updates for 5-10 mins please:(

Posted by julianamdeee at August 31, 2009

I did in fact have the surgery 3 weeks ago today. My Torax device is working as advertised. My surgeon considers me a poster child for the device as I seem to have the best outcome of the 3 he did that day. Unfortunately the device is still in clinical trials and I don’t know when the FDA is going to approve for the general population. I have taken Protonix for years and I stopped taking it on 9/2 and haven’t had any reflux or heartburn since. The best part of the device is it is completely reversible if there is a problem. So far I have only had some eating problems, the food gets stuck on the way down. I have had to learn how to eat again, small amounts, chew thoroughly and eat SLOWLY. I hope and pray that this gets approved quickly for the general population as I view this as one of the best things that I have ever done!! Shooz

Posted by shooz at September 25, 2009

All the best and have a faster recovery shooz
Hope it helps others reading this blogpost too

Posted by cobs at September 27, 2009

I had about 5 cm of my esophagus and the upper half of my stomach removed due to adenocarcinoma. As a result I have no lower sphincter, just an open esophagus into an abyss. Gerd is quite bad. Has anyone tried whis magnetic ring for people like me who have no sphincter? Is this procedure being done now, or does it have to wai until the trial are complete. I am not a physician, just an interested potential patient. My surgeon doesn not know about this procedure.

Posted by Jim McDermott at October 25, 2009

When does the company expect to get FDA approval for the device? Does anyone know?

I suffer from both GERD and LPR – I have heard very positive results about this device and for those of us who suffer – just hate to wait any longer.

Posted by Roni at November 22, 2009


i just need details of linx procedure if anyone has done this linx procedure pls let me know the results i m awaiting for information plz
raaj_bembos @

Posted by raaj s pillai at May 13, 2010

Through laparoscopy, a surgeon implants the device which is placed around esophagus, slightly above the stomach and at the area where the LES or Lower Esophageal Sphincter is situated, this is done with minimally invasive surgical technique.

The beads in the device magnetically attract among each other and this pressure helps keep the lower esophageal sphincter closed and prevents the reflux streams from the stomach flowing upwards, but of course permits the swallowing of food items and also force opens when there is heavy pressure of gas from stomach upwards.

Within a weeks time of the surgery patients can start with their normal diet and routine, of course, under a physicians guidance.

We have contacted Torax, who are the manufacturers of the trademarked LINX system and is awaiting response from them regarding the product.

Sr Consultant
Mandarin Health Consultants

Posted by cobs at June 19, 2010
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